: 'Blue Monday' sustainable employee health – how much focus does your employer give it?

"Blue Monday", and its effect on us at work and play is upon us again, and this year, The Samaritans’ Brew Monday campaign hopes to spark conversations between family, friends and colleagues by handing out cups of tea and coffee to turn Blue Monday 2020 into something positive. Fortunately it seems ‘hidden’ health matters at work are also being given some greater focus and profile, and frankly, it’s long overdue

5 Questions Every Candidate Should Ask in a Job Interview

“Do you have any questions for me?”

For many job seekers, this portion of an interview signals the end is near. It’s tempting to just say “no” and get out of the hot seat as quickly as possible, but fight that urge.

The right career move takes courage and effort

When is as important as where - we take your career very seriously, this move, and the next.

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