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    Finding the right person at the right time

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    Strategies to take your startup further

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Candidates, interview skills

Are you unwittingly squandering opportunities?

I was clearing some boxes over the weekend and chanced upon a random piece of paper. Curious, I stopped to read it. It appeared to be my handwritten notes from a client call after an interview with one of my applicants. It’s dated April 2003 and whilst I have no idea who the client is, nor the applicant, for ease of what’s to follow, let’s call him ‘John’.

What struck me, over 20 years later, was the proportion of the feedback which wasn’t directly related to ‘John’s’ experience or expertise, yet reinforced my client’s decision that ‘John’ didn’t have the calibre my client sought to succeed in their fairly senior sales role. It went like this:

“Very pleasant chap

Lots of good channel experience

Not enough sales gravitas and background

Didn’t feel he’d prepared

Only used the bits you’d told him about the company

No notes, nothing to write on

Didn’t delve deeper into the role and challenges or ask searching questions

Didn’t seek to understand what I was looking for

Others I’ve interviewed demonstrated that they’ve done some research, the role and their possible fit

They’ve come prepared; some have done a short presentation, demonstrating their investment in the process. I want to see commitment, interest, investment, a passion for the role and the potential”.

My client took ‘John’s’ interview behaviour as indicative of his behaviour when approaching a sales opportunity. This added weight to my client’s assessment that 'John' didn’t have enough sales gravitas compared to others in the process. Would my applicant have made it to second interview if he’d prepared and handled the interview better? Who knows.

Over 20 years ago the importance of interview skills proved vital. How much do you unwittingly risk or squander by not preparing enough?


Respect, self-respect, and authenticity

As an avid Rugby Union fan and Wales supporter I have been watching the current Six Nations with great interest. Apart from the wonderful qualities of teamwork, dedication, tenacity, resilience and skill shown by these teams, I am particularly taken by the values of respect, self-respect and authenticity demonstrated by Nigel Owens MBE, arguably the world’s leading referee.

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Candidates, Employers

: 'Blue Monday' sustainable employee health – how much focus does your employer give it?

"Blue Monday", and its effect on us at work and play is upon us again, and this year, The Samaritans’ Brew Monday campaign hopes to spark conversations between family, friends and colleagues by handing out cups of tea and coffee to turn Blue Monday 2020 into something positive. Fortunately it seems ‘hidden’ health matters at work are also being given some greater focus and profile, and frankly, it’s long overdue

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Understanding the benefit of paying recruitment fees

I, as many recruitment consultants do, am often challenged on the fees we charge for the service we offer. To many, the perception is that the function is easy, unskilled, and to some, profiteering.  The truth couldn't be more different. Of course, it depends on the service you want. If it's just to be inundated with a lot of unsuitable, unqualified CVs, then why would you pay a lot for someone to post your job description on job boards and auto-pass the responses?

In my case, that isn't a service I offer. 

My role in the recruitment process is, by using my expertise and experience, to source, evaluate and selectively qualify suitable applicants against the Client’s role specification, in return for a pre-advised, stage-based fee.

A typical recruitment process involves two to three interviews and a number of the Client’s interviewers, and throughout the process, I work closely with my client to cross-check their and the applicant’s feedback at each interview stage and through the offer, negotiation, acceptance, and resignation phases to completion and start. 

Each party has responsibility in terms of the sector-specific competence, suitability, and references aspects, however, to ensure the applicant and Client bond, once the Applicant starts my role is complete and I have no contact or control over them. Neither do I have any control over the Client’s working environment and management practices.

My fee is based on my expertise, experience, and of course time. A typical process on a recent project included :

Taking the brief, creating a job description and recruitment advert, posting the advert, receiving, reading, and responding to 92 applications, phone interviewing 11 applicants, physically interviewing 4, presenting 3 applicants, managing the ongoing interview process, client and applicant feedback, applicant management throughout, discussing and presenting the offer, managing the negotiations, acceptance and resignation phase and finally, completion and start.

By contrast, the Client input and involvement with the recruiter on the functional recruitment process was as follows:

Activity   Client time involved
Phone briefing regarding the role 30 minutes
Presentation of 3 applicants to interview 10 minutes
Feedback following the interviews 10 minutes
Pre-offer discussion    10 minutes
  60 minutes


So, when considering whether the fee justifies the result, it's not as straight-forward as you might think.

If you'd like to explore how working with a professional, competent recruitment consultant with proven results, please do get in touch. 

Opportunity, adaptability, community

As a volunteer presenter for M3 Job Club (www.m3jobclub.co.uk) I had the privilege of attending their Virtual Christmas Gathering and hearing three inspiring speakers whose words on 2020 and the outlook for 2021 gave great hope and encouragement, addressing themes including finding opportunity created by change, utilising techniques to turn negatives into positives and using one’s network and community to help understand one’s value and expertise and reach one’s objectives. 

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